To Write IME Rebuttal Letters, Or Not? That Is The Question.

IME Rebuttal Letters

When was the last time you read an Independent Medical Examination (IME) report recommending additional care?

After reading the ‘Independent’ report, you quickly see their opinions are not based on reality.  Their conclusions say treatment is “not related to the collision” or ” the patient has made a full recovery,” even though they have no real pre-existing conditions and are still in pain.

We don’t call them Independent Medical Exams. We refer to them as Insurance Medical Exams.

It’s not unusual for the PIP carrier to say they’ll reconsider the denial if you write a rebuttal letter. It can be tempting because the Independent Medical Exam report is full of inaccuracies and ridiculous statements.   

If the IME doctor’s opinion was truly independent and unbiased, you wouldn’t need to write the letter in the first place. Roughly 5% of the time we see the PIP carrier reverse their decision.

Too often, we see the IME rebuttal letters used against the provider when a lawsuit is filed. We have been in arbitrations and trials where the defense attorney will twist the wording of the rebuttal letter and attack the provider with it.

If you feel compelled to write a rebuttal letter, make sure it is short, sticks to the facts found in the chart notes and doesn’t personally attack the IME doctor in any way.

And most importantly, don’t hold your breath.   

Have you written IME rebuttal letters?  What’s your success rate in changing the insurance companies position? We’d like to hear your stories and experiences.