Our Values


We believe how we care for our clients, empower our team and contribute to our community is as important as being experienced lawyers who know personal injury law.

Our Mission, Vision and Values are statements about who we are as a firm and as people.

Our Mission

We help our clients navigate a complex legal system by providing legal expertise and guidance to take the stress off their shoulders, so our clients can focus on what’s most important — regaining their health.

Our Vision

We are a client-focused team of legal professionals who passionately seek justice for our clients.

We provide practical information and guidance that helps our clients make their best decisions in recovering from their injuries.

We strive to form real and meaningful relationships with our clients in order to inspire trust and confidence to ensure their needs are taken care of.

Our goal is to support our client’s medical providers by answering their questions to help them overcome obstacles that arise with insurance companies, so our clients get the treatment they need.

We aim to provide a level of service that ensures our clients are treated fairly, and to protect them from a system that is adversarial and is not designed with their best interests at heart.

Values Statement

{Service to Our Clients}

We believe that wrongfully injured people and their families deserve access to legal information and advice.  We make sure that anyone who calls us, whether we end up representing them or not, comes away more informed about their options than before they called us.

We feel our clients are better served when everyone in our office is valued and treated with respect.

We believe keeping our clients regularly informed is vital to them knowing that their needs are our first priority.

We value compassion and respect for our clients as equally as we do being at the forefront of legal knowledge and expertise.


{Service to Our Client’s Medical Providers}

We believe all injured people should have access to the medical care they need for their recovery. We support the client’s medical providers by giving them the information they need to deal with a complex healthcare system that is designed to protect insurance companies at the expense of those who need medical care.

{Service to Our Community}

We believe that everyone who needs an attorney should have access to one. Our legal system is only as good as how well it protects everyone in our society, not just those who can afford an attorney.

We are committed to this core belief by supporting The Commons Law Center, which provides legal services on a sliding scale and gives annual scholarships to students at Lewis and Clark School of Law, who are committed to social justice.

We love being a part of this community and feel privileged to serve it.

{Service to Our Team}

We strive to be an inspiring and rewarding place to work, where people are empowered to develop and grow.

When people feel free to be themselves, they’re happier, more creative and they’re at their best — both personally and professionally.

Though we approach our mission with passion and dedication, we never take ourselves too seriously. Being able to laugh together and have fun helps us keep perspective on what’s important in life.

{Service to Ourselves}

We genuinely enjoy working with each other, collaborating, supporting and learning from one another. We value how working together makes each of us a better person and better at what we do.

We accomplish more together than we could alone. We continually examine and raise our expectations individually and as a team.

We’re loyal to our clients and each other. We are fair and honest in all that we do.

For each of us, this is not just a job.  We’re a team of attorneys seeking meaning, purpose and fulfillment in our daily practice of law.

  • I worked with Roy Fernandes on a car accident I was in. I had never been in an accident requiring me to seek legal aid and working with Roy and his team was so smooth, from day 1. After our initial consultation I walked out of the office feeling completely secure in his ability to help me. And he de... Read More
  • Jim Dwyer is a wonderful lawyer. He helped me with an auto accident case. He is professional, reliable, and trust worth. I would recommend my friends and family to see Jim. Keep up the good work Jim.
  • I highly recommend Roy Fernandes. He helped me after I was hit by a car as a cyclist. He was communicative, professional and guided me through the whole process. You will want a lawyer you can trust when filing a claim against an insurance company. Even after my case was closed, he took the time to ... Read More
  • Although dealing with a MVA is never pleasant, Roy and his team made it clear and relatively simple to navigate the process.  I really appreciated the professionalism, wise counsel, and obvious effort they made to get the maximum reasonable benefit for my claim, and to fully address all the detail... Read More
  • I hired Jim Dwyer to represent me during a worker's comp claim and I could not be more satisfied. Jim was very responsive and seemed genuinely interested in my progress in recovery from injury. He took the time to explain the process and simplify it in a manner that I understood. Many times, I felt ... Read More

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