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Heiling Dwyer Fernandes review summary

5on Google,Apr 07, 2020


Jim Dwyer is delightful to work with. He is so helpful and kind and makes law accessible. As someone who felt unsure in the world of lawyers, Jim was a perfect fit, he always made me feel comfortable and was easy to work with and fun to talk to.

5on Google,Apr 06, 2020


Are you wondering who the best firm is? Trying to figure out who you can trust to manage your claim? Heiling, Dwyer, and Fernandes are the most upstanding, trustworthy, professionals in the business. They have taken care of us and then we referred them to family who all feel the same! Specifically, Roy Fernandes, you are an amazing human and are changing the narrative for lawyers across the nation. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for caring about your clients and not just a case.

5on Google,Apr 02, 2020


My experience with Heiling Dwyer Fernandes, and specifically Roy Fernandes and team was outstanding. Leading up to our signing on the insurance companies were nothing short of miserable to deal with, Roy and team made everything smooth and easy from then on. I can't thank the team enough for how their efforts and professionalism improved our situation so we could focus on recovery and getting things back to normal. Their communication is terrific, simple and prompt. I would highly recommend Heiling Dwyer Fernandes. Again, I thank you for a great experience.

5on Google,Mar 02, 2020


I have nothing but good things to say about Jim Dwyer and his support staff. After a devastating vehicle collision when a commercial truck totalled my vehicle as I was stopped at an intersection Jim helped me get the care I needed and replace my vehicle. I was badly concussed at the time and even though I wasn't feeling myself Jim made the process easy. I felt and still feel I could trust him to work in my best interest to resolve a less than great situation. I strongly recommend Jim Dwyer if you are in need of legal counsel. SH

5on Google,Jan 21, 2020


Staff was awesome and kept me informed, attorney was very specific about how my case would work and how the process worked, including an expected timeline. They did a Great job! There work was wholeheartedly appreciated. Would use this firm again!

5on Google,Jan 10, 2020


This was my first experience working with an attorney, and I only have positive things to say about Pat Reece, and all of the staff at Heiling Dwyer Attorneys. The communication was very clear, and the paperwork was easy to understand. Pat went out of his way to ensure a positive outcome for my case, and I am grateful.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 30, 2019

Denise Cordova

The lawyer I had, Pat Reece, was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the entire process of my lawsuit.He was well able to keep me educated and I was well prepared for all of my hearings. I was able to call or email as necessary when I needed to have questions answered and he was quick and patient to respond to all of my questions. He went about and beyond in all his help. I highly recommend them. Thank you for all your help.

5on Google,Dec 30, 2019

Denise A

The lawyer I had, Pat Reece, was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the entire process of my lawsuit.He was well able to keep me educated and I was well prepared for all of my hearings. I was able to call or email as necessary when I needed to have questions answered and he was quick and patient to respond to all of my questions. I highly recommend them.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 17, 2019


Working with Roy was a very smooth experience, especially with him spending time explaining what will happen and what could happen. The result of the case was fair and positive. Thank you also to Gretchen for her great communication.

5on Google,Dec 16, 2019


Hiring Roy Fernandez to represent me after a car accident was the best choice I could have made. He and his assistant Gretchen was a lifesaver in what was a very stressful and overwhelming time. It allowed me to focus on doctors' appointments rather than the never-ending phone calls and inquiries from the insurance companies. Roy ensured that my settlement was fair and that I felt comfortable with the entire process. He listened to all of my concerns, he explained every step, and he was quick to respond to all my calls and email correspondence. I could not recommend Roy Fernandez more.

5on Google,Dec 10, 2019


Jim and his staff are very professional and are very knowledgeable. We had never before found ourselves in a position with an insurance company that miserably failed to provide timely answers or take responsibility for a collision their insured admitted to causing. We were unable to get answers for two months. With the help of Jim and staff at Heiling and Dwyer, they guided us through the legal system and made us aware of our rights under the law. We are so thankful we had a guiding hand to steer us.

5on Google,Nov 26, 2019


I was referred to Roy by my employer to help get Progressive to pay for my totaled vehicle. The issue was that the insurance company never got back to me for an entire month after the accident, but one letter from Roy and I had the insurance company paying for my vehicle within a week of them receiving his letter. He was always checking in to answer any questions I had and to make sure things were still moving forward. He is very easy to talk to and work with, I will absolutely use his services in the future should I need them.

5on Google,Nov 14, 2019


Awesome attorneys! They took such good care of me and my case!!!

5on Google,Oct 24, 2019


I have had 2 occasions that Roy Fernandes did legal work for me. In both situations Roy did a fantastic job with positive results. He got the job done. Roy is a pleasure to work with, he is professional kind and courteous. I will recommend Roy wholeheartedly to anyone that may need his help now and in the future. We have referred him to my wife's friend and he did a great job with positive results for her. In addition to Roy the Office staff is very kind and helpful and make you feel like you are important. Roy has a client for life. When I have a need for legal help I pick up the phone and call Roy Fernandes.

5on Google,Oct 14, 2019


The best thing that happened to me with my Auto accident claim was Pat Reece. I was told by my previous attorney that I would be lucky to get $1 from my claim, if anything. Pat took over my case and changed everything. He actually listened and took the time to see that I was very mislead previously. He was diligent and thorough. Most importantly, we ended up winning the case and I was very satisfied with the settlement. He’s such a good guy, and in this stressful situation we still managed to laugh and goof around! Thank you so much Pat!!

5on Google,Sep 27, 2019


Couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism. Thanks

5on Google,Sep 26, 2019


I was rear ended on the 5N on my way to Portland in Dec 2017. I didn’t want to be “one of those CA Drivers” who always sue everybody, so I signed a release waiver with the at fault insurance company because they “promised” to pay ALL of our bills. Unfortunately my shoulder took longer to heal and more months of therapy than “usual”, so my Ins company stopped paying and the at fault ins Co said they couldn’t pay bills that my Ins Co wouldn’t agree to! That left me with Thousands in debt! I was referred to Roy by my Chiropractor as someone who could help. I reluctantly went to his office looking for help and feeling like I’d been fooled by the “system”. Roy and Gretchen handled everything soooo smoothly! We brought all of our documents and then they went to work on our case. Over the next few months we received a few calls and updates from Gretchen, but felt confident they were working on our behalf to get our claim paid. The week before our Arbitration Hearing we got a call from Gretchen and Roy that our Ins company had agreed to pay our claim and all of the legal fees. I wish that I had called Roy Fernandes first, before signing away my rights to damages. I never knew that it would take so long for my shoulder to heal and how much time it would take out of my life. Accidents do happen and that’s why we have insurance, but you also need someone on your side to make sure everyone gets paid and you get the medical treatments you need to heal. I would fully recommend Roy Fernandes to anyone who got into an accident. Call him first before you sign anything. Roy and Gretchen will take care of all the paperwork, phone calls and finances so that you can take care of you!

5on Google,Sep 18, 2019


Jim and his team were amazing. Got more than I thought possible. They know there stuff. Easy to work with too!

5on Google,Sep 18, 2019


I had the great pleasure of having Jim Dwyer represent me and my daughter a few years back after a car accident, and I was utterly relieved to have someone so kind, smart and trustworthy working for me, so that I could finally relax. When I called Jim, I was unhappy with the lawyer representing me, and Jim said he was willing to give me free advice throughout the process just as a gift. I was astounded at his generosity, and I then asked if there was any way he could just take over, and he did, thank goodness! Rarely in my life have I trusted someone so completely. He was calm and patient, and always made sure that I agreed and understood exactly what was going on. I called Jim again just a few weeks ago regarding another car accident and he again offered to help me through the process as a gift, because “in this case it wasn’t worth it for me to pay for his time”, yet, he insisted on giving me his time and talking me through how to deal with the insurance agents. Jim Dwyer is not only a great lawyer, but also, and most importantly, a kind man who gives back to society and really cares about helping people. Jim is a rare gift of a human being!

5on Google,Sep 16, 2019


Roy Fernandez has come to my rescue on more than one occasion especially recently when and I will leave unnamed car wash scratched up my car rims and tried to get out of paying for the damages. Without a doubt Roy took the case and justice was served thank you so much for your help with everything and I would recommend you guys to anyone!!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 12, 2019


Roy was Great!! He was very professional and instructive. He made such a difference in my case. Gretchen was very knowledgeable explaining things to me. Thank you both so much.

5on Google,Sep 11, 2019


Jim, my attorney, and Stephanie, the legal aide, and Giannini, the administrator, were all execellent service providers. I was able to get help as well as reassurance from the first time I called and even past that, they made sure I wasn’t confused about anything at all. The support you will feel working with this team is second to none and they follow up every step of the way until everything is resolved and then after! Thorough and complete work that deserves nothing less than applaud and the best recognition!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2019


I cannot expresses enough how impressed and thankful I am with the efficiently my car accident case was handled. I was injured and super stressed due to being terribly rear ender by an SUV. Roy Fernandez at Heiling and Dwyer is professional and very patient. I had tons of questions and concerns from missing work, how often I could see the different Medical Practitioners, and car repairs. I refer him to everyone who needs an Attorney. He is exceptional.

5on Google,Jul 11, 2019


I’ve known Jim Dwyer for more than 20 years, and have watched him do fantastic things with tough cases. He is afraid of no lawyer, no insurance company, and doesn’t back down. A few years ago, we co-counseled a large case in federal court against a very high-powered law firm. Together, we were able to obtain a jury verdict of nearly $4.5 million for our client. Jim was fantastic in that matter, and his legal acumen was top notch. You couldn’t go wrong in choosing him as your lawyer if, God forbid, you are horribly injured and in need of representation.

5on Google,Jun 14, 2019


We are 100% confident in our choice of Jim Dwyer for our motor vehicle accident. We were referred to him by a close friend and he was our first call when the insurance companies started the complicated back and forth calls. His firm took care of all of the correspondence with the insurance companies, setting up the rental car, and expoditing the vehicle reimbursement. They stayed in good contact with us through all of the proceeding therapy, diagnosis, surgery, and follow up care. Jim fought hard for what was fair and always communicated with us honestly in a situation that is difficult to go through. He was relatable and understanding with our needs for our circumstances and always made the right decisions keeping us in mind. We have since referred him to other friends and family and have only heard good things back from them as well. He was always available to answer questions and even set up phone conferences around our work schedule on his private time when needed. The support staff in the office was great with prompt correspondence keeping us up to date with where we were in the process and what all was needed from us. Although we hope to never be in a situation where the services are needed, if we ever should be in a similar situation we will absolutely be calling Jim Dwyer again without hesitation. He was a crusader for the little guy in our scenario for sure and earned our utmost confidence.

3on Google,May 03, 2019


I used Heiling Dwyer twice for 2 separate accidents and the first time I thought Jim Dwyer did a great job. On the second accident I really began to feel that he really didn’t have my best interest at heart. I was very disappointed with the outcome so would not be returning or recommending this group.